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Art Exhibition

Exhibition Screens for Dorset-Based Artist Sarah Hough
What a privilege it was to work with and assist local artist and friend Sarah Hough on her exhibition MOMENT at Poole’s Lighthouse Centre for the Arts. (Click on the link to find out more abut the ideas behind the artworks) The first thing was to build the giant mobile easels on which she painted her huge canvasses. Then to represent her idea for the exhibition, Sarah had made model screens from card, wire and wooden skewers. The idea was to create an immersive experience where you moved through the sinuous shapes of the screens, encouraged to slow down and take a moment. From the floor plan of the gallery space and the concept of the curved screens we mapped out the radiuses. Curved plywood panels were made by gluing multiple thin sheets together in a vacuum bag press (see video below) over a curved former. These were edge joined together on site and positioned on temporary props until the round pole legs were fixed to the back of the screens. Finally the canvasses were fixed to the screens and beautifully lit by the gallery technicians.
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