Precision, craft and function are the cornerstones of Jake’s approach to woodwork.

After University in Norwich, and a few years seeing the world, Jake moved to East London where he worked and trained with a design collective creating everything from boutique bars in London’s West End, to unique board room suites, to private bespoke furniture projects, and building display structures in art galleries such as The Tate Modern, The Serpentine and The Whitechapel Gallery.

This early experience instilled in him a passion for working on diverse and challenging projects whilst always striving to learn new techniques and hone and perfect his making skills.

From timber frame building, Shepherds Hut making, to fine furniture and cabinet making, there are few areas of woodworking that Jake hasn’t been involved in, and to each he brings his exacting standards of accuracy, care and quality.

Jake has worked closely over the years with a number of designers to develop and realise their vision and deliver according to their clients’ briefs.

Most recently he has worked closely with his great friend Rex Johnson on large scale commercial projects (see website) and collaborated on a number of domestic projects. He is of course the Jake in Rex’s “Made by Jake Collection” of original designed pieces of furniture available through Rex’s website.

It is from Rex’s fabulous design studio workshop in Weymouth that Jake operates.


Jake Reilly Furniture - Jake Reilly, Dorset-based craftsman
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Ethically sourced timber

Jake has always had an affinity for working with wood, but also understands what a precious commodity it is and will always strive to obtain his timber from local sources and ethically certificated suppliers. Wood is a tremendously versatile and beautiful material and whilst it is renewable, Jake will always try to minimise waste with careful planning and thoughtful design.

Meet Jake

“I approach every project, from the smallest shelf to a large outdoor studio as an exercise in maximising functionality – but through the attention to function, it becomes an item of beauty too. All projects follow the same principal. Fit for purpose and lovely to look at.“

Jake Reilly

To see Jake in action have a look at some of his furniture making timelapse videos on his YouTube channel.

Jake Reilly Furniture - Meet Jake